открытая ос рв
для встроенных систем

реального времени
для встроенных систем

Embox - операционная система жесткого реального времени

ОС ориентированная на применение во встроенных системах (жесткое реальное время)

ООО "Ембокс"

Embox ltd. - a company founded by developers of the open source RTOS - Embox ( Embox на википедии, страница проекта на github ). The main goal of the company is the providing commercial services based on our platform. We can offer:

- Design of a full construction system
- Develop system and adopte application software for your boards
- Technical supporting and consulting for RTOS Embox
- Creating RTOS with special requires

Embox allows design more safely systems comparing with universal OS

Security subsystem is based on both traditional security methods ( file and extended attributes, firewall, memory protection etc.) and static linking. The last thing disables executing malicious code


All arch-dependent code is extracted into separate modules. It makes porting to new platform easy process. Now Embox supports following architectures: SPARC, Microblaze, ARM, MIPS, PPC, x86



Low hardware requirements and wide range of capabilities makes Embox suitable for developing internet-of-things devices



Embox supports different priority levels, preemptive and cooperative multitasking, priority inheritance and different synchronization primitives



Developed network stack allows to use Embox for creating telecommunication equipment of any complexity level


Process control system (PCS)

The technology which assured to insert the only declared modules to a target image allows to use Embox for creation process control system including leading critical infrastructure



Developed features and rich opportunities for creating strictly predictable system make Embox suitable for design different types of instruments